About AdultWebcams.org

My name is Eric, and I'm just a regular guy who likes to watch porn (and I'm not afraid to admit it).

I believe masturbating is something normal and it's very widespread nowadays both among boys and girls when almost anyone has access to the Internet.

Even though in the past it was perceived as an embarrassing practice, I believe that now people are more open-minded and a large part of them are not afraid to admit that they watch porn and masturbate while doing so.

Whilst classical porn videos are still satisfying for most people, I believe that adult webcam sites and live sex shows are the future of this industry. That's one of the reasons why I started this website.

AdultWebcams.org is intended to be an adult blog and a website where I share information about live webcam websites, along with useful tips improving a couple's sexual life.

Even though I usually cover various adult-related topics on the blog, my main focus is the adult video chat industry.

My primary goal is to find and feature on this website the best adult webcam sites and teach the readers how to avoid scams.

I do not own any adult cam sites, and just like you, I am someone who likes to watch live adult webcams.

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