Chaturbate Tokens: How To Buy, Price, Payment Methods

Chaturbate Tokens: How To Buy, Price, Payment Methods

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Chaturbate is one of my favorite adult webcam sites due to its popularity, the number of live cams at the same time, models variety, and the fact that you are allowed to watch the group shows for free.

Even though the public shows are satisfying enough for many people, most of the time, the "real action" is in the CrazyTicket shows or in private. Therefore, there are moments when tokens will worth all the money.

Chaturbate uses something called "tokens" as a way for website users to pay the models. When someone spends his or her tokens on Chaturbate during a cam show it's known as "tipping."

If you are looking to buy Chaturbate tokens but don't know how to do it and which are the payment methods accepted by Chaturbate, read this full post since I'm going to teach you exactly how to do that.

First of all, in order to buy Chaturbate tokens, you need to have a user account.

How To Register A Chaturbate Account

It's 100% free to create an account on Chaturbate and you don't even need a credit card to do that. Besides that, there are no required membership fees and it's a very effortlessly and straightforward process.

Even an email address is optional during registration. Still, I totally recommend you to provide one since you'll later be able to use it to recover your password or to receive email notifications when a model you follow starts a live show.

Therefore, if you don't have already an account on Chaturbate, click here to go to their registration page and fill out the required information.

Once on the signup page, you should see the following screen.

Chaturbate User Registration Form

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Pick a username that contains only letters, numbers, and underscores. This should be unique and the majority of the common names will be already registered, so you'll have to choose something more creative than your first name since it's probably already registered by someone else.

For the password field, choose a strong combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, along with numbers and special characters. You'll need to remember this password to log in to your account once it's created, so make sure you memorize it or save it in a safe place.

The email address field is optional, but as I already mentioned, it will be very useful later. You can leave it empty for now if you don't already have an email address and fill it later (you can always register a free Gmail account).

Fill out your real birthday. This is important for Chaturbate to know that you are over 18 years old.

Select your gender, then validate the captcha verification by clicking the tiny square box. That's for proving that you are a real human and not a spam bot who wants to automatically register an account.

Make sure there's a green checkmark before "I'm not a robot" before you click on the "Create Free Account" button. If you wait too much before submitting the form, you'll have to validate the captcha again. 

Read Chaturbate's terms and conditions and the privacy policy. If everything is OK, check those two square boxes to acknowledge that you've read them.

In the end, the form should look something similar to the screenshot below (of course, containing your own information).

Chaturbate Register User Account

Click on the button that says "CREATE FREE ACCOUNT" to have your Chaturbate user account created.

If everything was OK, your account should now be created and you should be automatically logged in. Thus, you should see a welcome screen.

Chaturbate Com Account Tokens

To buy Chaturbate tokens, click on the "Get More" link next to the tokens number.

A new browser pop-up window should open where you can choose your favorite payment method and the number of tokens you want to purchase.

Chaturbate Tokens Price

At this time, on Chaturbate, there are the following token packages and the following prices for credit card payments:

  •  200 tokens FREE! (a $20.99 USD value) when you upgrade your account. Unlock PM & remove ads for $19.95 USD monthly.
  •  100 tokens for $10.99 USD
  •  200 tokens for $20.99 USD (5% Bonus)
  •  400 tokens for $39.99 USD (10% Bonus)
  •  550 tokens for $49.99 USD (21% Bonus)

As you can see, the more tokens you buy, the less they cost.

I want to mention that these prices are accurate at the time I write this article. The plans and the price of each token pack might change at the time you read this post.

Also, the price of the token packs, along with the minimum amount might vary depending on what payment option you choose.

Chaturbate Tokens Payment Methods

In terms of payment methods, Chaturbate gives you several options.

As you can see, they accept some of the most popular payment methods and processors.

Buy Chaturbate Tokens With Bitcoin

One of my favorite payment options for buying tokens on Chaturbate is using Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin especially.

Why I prefer using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of a credit card?

Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide you better privacy. For instance, if you don't want someone to see on your credit card statement that you've purchased Chaturbate tokens, you can make the payment via cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency also gives you the best rate when purchasing tokens on Chaturbate. with a minimum of 100 tokens per order.

Chaturbate Pay With Bitcoin Or Cryptocurrency

Other Chaturbate Payment Options

PayPal is also a great option since it's available in many countries and is one of the safest payment methods.

You can even make credit card payments through PayPal if you are afraid to use your credit card information on Chaturbate or any other service.

PaySafeCard is also a great option for purchasing Chaturbate tokens since it's a safe prepaid payment method. This enables you to make payments online without the use of a bank account or credit card information.

I have never used Epoch, so I don't know exactly how it works. It is probably a payment processor that Chaturbate uses to process credit card transactions.

Chaturbate also gives you the option to earn free tokens.

If you want to gain free tokens, you can tell your friends about Chaturbate and earn free tokens when they register and purchase a token pack.

Chaturbate Premium Account

Besides the option of buying individual token packs, Chaturbate also has a subscription package that enables you to upgrade to a premium account.

This subscription is fully optional.

The premium account comes with several additional benefits in addition to a free account and the subscription price is $19.95/month. 

At this time, to sweeten the deal, Chaturbate also gives you 200 FREE TOKENS (worth $20.99) if you decide to upgrade to a premium account. I cannot guarantee you that this offer will be still available at the time you decide to upgrade your account.

Below are the differences between a free and a premium account.

100% Free Cam ChatYESYES
View Multiple CamsYESYES
Clean, AD-FREE InterfaceNOYES
Full ScreenYESYES
Custom Chat Font & Color OptionsNOYES
Private MessagingNOYES

How To Send Tip On Chaturbate

Once you have available tokens in your Chaturbate account, you can tip any model using the chat.

Just type /tip amount in the chat to tip the model, where amount should be the number of tokens you want to tip (for instance /tip 25).

You can also open the tip window by pressing CTRL+S on Windows, or by pressing the "SEND TIP" button under the webcam.

Chaturbate How To Tip Model

If you want to tip for a particular act, tip a predefined amount of tokens.

For instance, let's say the model has the following tip menu (you can see the tip menu in the chat).

Chaturbate Webcam Model Tip Menu

If you want the model to "flash tits," you'll have to tip 33 tokens. The number between the brackets represents the number of tokens you have to tip for the model to perform that particular act.


This is probably all you need to know about the Chaturbate tokens.

You know now how to buy Chaturbate tokens, how much they cost, the available payment methods, and how to tip the models.

All you have to do right now is to get your tokens and watch the live shows of your favorite webcam models on Chaturbate.

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