Affiliate & Promoted Content Disclosure

We like to be fully transparent with our website visitors.

Growing and maintaining a website costs time and money. In order to be able to create awesome content for our website, we have to monetize our traffic in a way or another.

At this time, we monetize our website via two methods:

1. Display Ads

Display ads may consist of banners or various types of advertisements that may appear on our site. We earn a tiny commission when someone views or clicks these ads.

2. By promoting products sold by other companies as affiliates

The second way we earn money with our website is via affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program is a way by which some companies enable other companies or individuals to promote their products in exchange for a commission from each qualified sale/lead.

Therefore, since we are affiliates for a few of these companies, some of our pages include affiliate links. This fact is usually highlighted at the top of every page through a short disclosure before the page content, or before the affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a link that contains a tracking id that uniquely identifies us as the website that has referred a potential customer to one of the companies that we are an affiliate for.

When we send someone to a particular product through an affiliate link, we may earn a commission if the referred person makes a purchase or takes a particular action (depending from case-to-case). 

The customer price will NOT increase in any way.

Even though we may earn a commission every time someone buys a product through one of our affiliate/referral links, we do not promote any junk product/service just for the sake of earning money. We try to recommend only high-quality items that we think we'll help our website visitors.

We hope that now it's clear what affiliate links are and how we use them on our website.