How To Make Money On Chaturbate

How To Make Money On Chaturbate

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Have you heard that many make good money on Chaturbate? Here are several ways to make money on Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is one of the oldest and largest adult webcam sites in the world. This camming website has been online since 2011, has thousands of live cam performers at any given time, and receives millions of visitors every day.

Although most of those who access this site are simple people looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies online, there are also many others who make money through Chaturbate. You see, the girls stripping in front of the camera are not only doing this to enjoy an evening chat with strangers but to earn money.

But how do you make money on Chaturbate and how much money can you earn?

How To Make Money On Chaturbate

You probably think that the only way to make money with Chaturbate is to become a model and perform live cam shows. Although this is probably the easiest and the quickest way to earn money with Chaturbate, there are other ways to gain some money with this platform. Some of these don't even require becoming a camming model.

There are also ways to make more money with this website if you are already an active cam model who's performing there.

1. Make Money On Chaturbate As A Cam Model

The easiest and fastest way to make money with Chaturbate is by becoming a cam model and performing regular shows on the platform.

Chaturbate does not have very strict rules about who can become a performer on its platform. Of course, the most important thing is to be at least 18 years old and you will have to prove that you have reached the legal age to work on this adult platform. There are other rules that you will have to follow to work there. More details on their terms and conditions page.

Becoming A Cam Model On Chaturbate

There are more advantages to working as a model on Chaturbate than to working in a video chat studio.

  • All genders are allowed
  • Don't have to be the most attractive person
  • You set your own work schedule
  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Chaturbate is an established platform that has millions of viewers
  • You can restrict the viewers from particular countries to your room (although it may still be accessible with VPNs)

Unlike other live adult cam broadcasting platforms, you don't have to be the most attractive or a fitness model person to work on Chaturbate. Even if you may have a few extra pounds, are not in your early youth, or do not have the most attractive body, these things will not stop you from working as a cam model there.

People have various fetishes that they sometimes do not share with their life partners. No matter how you look, you will meet people who will find something fascinating about you.

Another advantage is that Chaturbate is not exclusively for women models. There are also many men who perform there, couples, trans, gay couples, lesbians, etc. So, there is a great variety on this adult camming site.

Although being a cam model is a very lucrative activity in general, don't expect to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your first month as a model. Like any job, camming requires time, work, and perseverance.

Even though Chaturbate receives millions of visitors every day, in the beginning, you will have to compete with thousands of other broadcasters for a place on the first page or to rank higher in a category that receives a lot of traffic.

Keep in mind that at the beginning you will not have a lot of followers to be notified when you go live, but through perseverance, their number will increase with each show and more and more people will see your performance with each occasion you start a show. Hence, your earnings will increase over time as well.

Will I Be Paid Just For Performing Live Shows?

Not quite. As an adult webcam broadcaster on Chaturbate, you will not make money just because you perform live shows.

Because Chaturbate is a free-to-watch adult cam site, it doesn't require spectators to buy a paid membership to enjoy the free shows. The platform uses something called "tokens" to enable viewers to please the models and which give them access to premium features of the platform, to private shows with the models, crazy ticket shows, and so on. The website makes money when viewers spend money on the platform and when they tip you for a particular task.

When someone gives you a tip, you will receive a percentage of the price of the tokens and the platform will also keep its share. The more someone tips, the more you'll earn.

Usually, the models that interact more in the chat with the viewers, typically earn the most money.

So, it is not enough just to go live to earn money, but to know how to tease the viewers. If you know how to make yourself pleasant, 10 viewers that tip can be more valuable than 1000 that don't.

Although there are cam models that make astonishing amounts of money from video chat, this activity is not for everyone. However, if you have no inhibitions and no problems in appearing naked on the cam, in front of thousands of strangers, then this activity is probably right for you.

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2. Earn Money As A Chaturbate Affiliate

If you didn't know, you can also earn from the adult cam industry without even appearing on cam.

You may have seen the word "affiliates" somewhere in the footer area of some of the adult webcam sites. Platforms that have an affiliate program allow regular people to make money through them by promoting the services offered by those sites.

Chaturbate, like many of these sites, has an affiliate program that enables anyone to earn money by promoting their platform. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions without even being a cam model.

How The Affiliate Program Of Chaturbate Works

There are several ways to get paid as a Chaturbate affiliate:

  1. Get paid for free registrations
  2. Rev-share (recurring commissions)
  3. Earn for referring new broadcasters
  4. Get paid for referring other affiliates

To make things clearer, I'm going to explain how each method works and how much you earn for each. As a Chaturbate affiliate, you have different links for each of the paying structures mentioned above.

1. Get Paid For Free User Registrations

One of the easiest ways to make money on Chaturbate as an affiliate is to refer people (people who watch adult cams and who spend money on tokens) to the pay-per free registration program.

More exactly, once you become a Chaturbate affiliate, you receive a unique link that you can share with other people on forums, social networks, on your own website, or on other places (spamming is not allowed), and every time someone gets on Chaturbate's website and creates a free account, you receive a small one-time commission, regardless whether that person spends money on tokens or not.

The value of this commission varies depending on the location of the person who registers using your affiliate link.

If that individual is from a Tier 1 country, you receive a $1 commission.

I don't have a list of all the countries considered Tier 1 on Chaturbate but typically this includes locations like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand (native English-speaking countries with good disposable income).

If from a Tier 2 country (these are usually still well-developed countries with decent income), you receive $0.10 per free signup.

Lastly, if someone who registers via your unique link is from a Tier 3 country (the rest of the countries, non-English speaking, and with a lower buying force) you receive $0.01 per registration.

As you can see, referring people from Tier 1 countries will make you the most money.

2. Rev-Share (Recurring Commissions)

While earning a one-time fee for the free registration of every account might be the fastest way to earn your first money on Chaturbate as an affiliate, unless you have a consistent volume of traffic and a lot of signups, you won't really make a fortune.

If you want to make good money as a Chaturbate affiliate, promoting your rev-share link is going to make you more money in the long-run.

Rev-share comes from "revenue sharing" and this will enable you to get paid a commission every time someone referred by you on Chatrubate purchases tokens on Chaturbate. Chaturbate offers a 20% rev-share, paid on all token purchases of the users you refer to the platform.

The beauty of this commission structure is that you will get paid recurringly on all token purchases from your referrals and not only a small fixed commission when someone registers via your link. The more money the people you refer to Chaturbate spend, the higher your earnings will be.

The downside is, of course, that the individuals referred by you have to spend money on Chaturbate in order for you to earn a commission. So, if you only refer people from poorly developed countries, it's very likely that they won't spend any money on the platform.

3. Earn For Referring Broadcasters

Another way to earn some nice commissions on Chaturbate is to refer new broadcasters to the platform.

This means that Chaturbate will pay $50.00 for every new cam model you refer when he or she has earned $20.00 from broadcasting. There is no special link required for referring new models. If a broadcaster registers using any of your affiliate links, you'll get the commission.

So, if you know people interested in camming, friends, or colleagues who have done this before, you can invite them to become broadcasters on Chaturbate via your affiliate link and you will earn some nice commissions when they make their first $20.

4. Get Paid For Referring Other Affiliates

The fourth way to make money on Chaturbate as an affiliate is by referring other affiliates to the platform.

Chaturbate is going to pay you a recurring 5% on everything those affiliates are earning. So, if you manage to refer several good affiliates that make a lot of money promoting Chaturbate, you will earn 5% of everything they make. For example, if someone earns on average $1000 per month, you will earn $50 per month just for referring that guy to the affiliate program of Chaturbate.

This is great for people who have blogs in the make money online niche, or for people who have other friends with blogs in adult-related niches.

How To Promote Chaturbate As An Affiliate

There are many ways you can promote Chaturbate as an affiliate, including starting an adult-related blog, sharing your links on adult forums (where you are allowed), utilizing paid traffic for placing paid banners on adult sites, and so on.

Chaturbate also gives you the ability to build your own camming site by utilizing their white-label feature. You basically receive a clone of the entire Chaturbate website in a few minutes, but accessible on your own domain name (for example,, your own logo, and several customizable features. Your website will already include all the models on Chaturbate, and you won't have to worry about hosting, processing payments, etc.

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Additional Ways To Make Money On Chaturbate

While becoming a Chaturbate model or affiliate are the primary ways someone can earn money on Chaturbate, there are also additional ways to earn money on this platform.

1. Promote Your OnlyFans Page

This is an additional way to earn money if you are a model on Chaturbate.

OnlyFans is a social network that allows anyone to provide premium content based on a monthly fee to his or her subscriber base. This network allows adult content, and many models on Chaturbate, camming sites, porn stars, and many stars in the adult entertainment industry already have accounts on OnlyFans where they offer exclusive content to their subscribers.

I've seen many models on Chaturbate who are promoting their OnlyFans pages while performing their live shows. So, I guess Chaturbate terms do not forbid you from promoting your OnlyFans page on your profile. However, just to make sure and to avoid getting your CB account banned, I recommend you read the full terms of service page or ask the support to be 100% sure that you are allowed to do this.

If you are already a model who's having many followers on Chaturbate and constantly have thousands of people watching your live shows, getting a part of them to subscribe to your OnlyFans page for a small monthly fee should be a simple task that can boost your income considerably.

How Much Money You Can Make On Chaturbate?

I'm sure you're very curious about how much money can be made on Chaturbate. Well, the answer to that question is that the sky is the limit.

Depending on how you want to make money on Chaturbate, either as a webcam model or as an affiliate, it depends exclusively on you how much money you will make with this platform.

Regardless of the method you choose, you will be your own boss, you will make your own program, and depending on how much time and work you put in, so will your earnings.

Becoming a model is clearly the quickest and easiest way to start earning a decent income from Chaturbate. While there are models earning only hundreds of dollars per month, there are also some who are earning tens of thousands (after paying taxes).

The affiliate route is a bit harder and requires more time, devotion, and work until you start to make a decent and consistent amount of money from Chaturbate, but it's not impossible. There are affiliates who are making great amounts just for promoting Chaturbate, but there are also numerous who never manage to earn a single penny.

The beauty of both approaches is that unlike having a job with a fixed wage, nobody is going to limit the amount of money you can earn with this platform. Yet again, the result will greatly depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. You may earn a small fortune or you may not earn anything at all, it's up to you.

Final Word

Making money on Chaturbate is not extremely hard and this highly popular platform really gives you several opportunities to earn money from the adult entertainment industry, which is one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

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